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Welcome to BusinessinKent.net, the local website for local business.

BusinessinKent.net has been set up for you by ADM Computing, and is a forum to promote trade and commerce within Kent. Once registered, your company will be able to take advantage of the links and services offered by BusinessinKent.net, including free Internet access, free email and free web space.

The site will also provide links to other registered BusinessinKent companies, enabling you to trade with them. The site has a search engine which will enable you to find companies in the local area to do business with, and who will do business with you.

As a free Internet Service Provider, ADM is well placed to help your company trade on-line. Our web site designing service is available to BusinesinKent.net users who do not already have a web site, and will enable you to have a web presence tailored to your individual needs. BusinessinKent.net is also the perfect medium to conduct e-commerce, promoting your goods and services on-line and allowing your existing and prospective customers to purchase from you across the Internet.

BusinessinKent.net…Local Opportunities for Local Companies